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Why is swimming good for you? Discover all of the benefits of the best water sport

Swimming is one of the most popular activities in many countries and few sports can provide so many benefits for your body. Among its many benefits, it can help you lose weight, improve your fitness and make your body work without affecting your bones or joints. Let’s discover them all:

• Though its impact might not be as visible as that of other more intense activities, swimming is a very efficient way to burn calories, even if you swim at a low or moderate pace.

• It will build muscles all over your body and though you might not look like an Olympic athlete as a result of few laps in your local pool, swimming will make your muscles bigger and stronger and it is a great way to work out without putting stress on your joints.

• It makes your entire body and especially your heart and lungs stronger. Some researches have shown that swimming has many beneficial effects on your cardiovascular system and it may help lower blood pressure or control blood sugar. It is also appropriate for people with clinical conditions like arthritis, injuries or other issues that would make all other more intense activities difficult.

• Swimming is the ideal way to take a break from a busy life, work commitments and all the other aspects of modern life. A pool is a quiet and safe place to be, a place where you can shut off and de-stress after a long day.

• Kids need to exercise every day and swimming is great for them, too. It is a fun activity and it will not feel like a chore for them; the idea of splashing in a pool will get them moving.